Friday, January 30, 2009

Our website

We decided that it was time to makeover our web site and to merge this blog back into the new, and improved site. It seemed like a project that we could complete in a couple of months, back in October when we started the work. We are still working on it, but life keeps getting in the way.

First it was our two month vacation back in the States, and then it was a computer virus, and now it is the fact that one day while we were sitting at the table in the wheel house, both of us working on different computers on different projects, we suddenly lost our Internet connection. After a little investigation, we found that workers preparing to change the port pontoons had chainsawed right through our telephone line. Merde!!

So, today the boats in our section must move to the other side of the port while the new pontoons are being put into place, and everyone is speculating about how long we will all be without our telephones. On verra!!

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Jeff said...

Hi there. Hey, the new pontoons look a lot like the old ones, except...ummm...a bit newer.
What has changed? Is there the black-water out-take that was being talked about when I was last there in 07? If so, how many boats are actually set up to use it?
And has the new management upped the tariff. Couldn't find their website using google, but maybe it was just me!
warmest regards
Jeff Howell
Hamilton, NZ