Thursday, July 24, 2008

18 meter Arsenal barge for sale

Our French neighbors are selling their barge, and it may be your chance to have a Pied-à-terre à Paris.

Luxemotor Hollandais 18 m x 4 m, construction acier de 1925. Fond neuf (Octobre 2005). Moteur Volvo Penda 100 CV (500 h). Permis de navigation. Très bonne habitabilité, confort, luminosité exceptionnelle, belle terrasse arrière. Vis. Paris.



AM said...

Can you confirm that if one were to buy the barge, parking rights at the Arsenal would transfer to the new owner?

Anonymous said...

la question d'importance- combien?

Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...

Yes, the owners tell us that the captain has said that this boat will be able to stay in the Arsenal, and this is reflected in the price of 225 thousand euros if you deal with their barge broker and 210 if you deal directly with the owners.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Bill et Nancy,

Est-ce que votre voisin il pourrait
peut-etre met plus photos et information sur le blog?

Sincerement, Steve Wiessler

Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...

Bonjour Steve,

Si vous êtes vraiment intéressé par ce bateau, on peut vous mettre en contact avec le propriétaire.

Ecrivez-nous un mail:

Bien cordialement,


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

I am currently leaving on a barge in the west of Paris. This is not mine and I would like to get my own now...Your barges looks very nice and I am potentially interested with this barge. Any possibility to have contact with the owner ?

Thanks in advance


Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...
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Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...

Sorry,I have not been updating this blog since we merged it back into our website:

The Cadence d'O has sold, and the new owner is living very happily here in the port.

We have a few of our friends barges listed on our website.

Please come over to to see our current site.